About Us

Welcome to the Wyoming Police Service Dog Association website.  We are still finalizing some information on the site, so please bear with us as we complete it.

The Wyoming Police Service Dog Association started  in 1990 by Randy Parker, Allen Jenson, an Bob Fecht. We became an official organization in 1992. For the first 3 years the certification was held in Douglas, after that the certifications went to the system of host agencies which is still used today. At the inception, every K-9 team in the State of Wyoming attended the certification and had a little to do with putting the organization together, although Parker, Jenson and Fecht were mostly responsible for the organization development.

Members of the WyPSDA certify yearly in patrol, narcotics, evidence, and tracking.  Patrol certifications consist of a building search, directed search, patrol route, an insight and out of sight detain, and obedience.  The narcotic certifications consist of 10 hides.  The 10 hides are spread through out a residential search, open area/locker search, vehicle search, and barn area search.  The evidence certifications consists of four articles within a search area.  The K9 Team have to find 75% of the articles within 10 minutes.  Lastly the tracking certifications is a 400 yd track with three turns and four articles.  The track is laid 60 minutes prior to being ran.  K9 Teams have to find 50% of the articles and track to the end to complete the certiciation.